Cataract eye defect - prevention and cure, cataract surgery

caract surgery

cataract surgery is among the  most regularly performed surgeries in most countries today. every health facility or hospital center in most countries offers the current treatment options  for cataract at cheaper rate.

cataract is an ophthalmic condition in which the natural lens of the eyes gets clouded resulting to blurred vision. as treatment is made available, opting or carrying out cataract surgery is essential to prevent one from becoming blind.

many eye physician says that cataract are very common among old people. and since getting under the knife seems a daunting and scary situation, most people surgery tend to be delayed due to ignorance and lack of finance in most African countries.  as a result, it gets so worse and place one on a very serious health condition.

here we are going to be sharing with you a very brief article of the health condition and measure of treatment.

why are you affected or developed cataract?

1. cataract is common among old people and its age related which implies that you should take proper care of your eye at young age.
2. Diabetes is known to be one of the causative against of cataract.
3. ophthalmic surgeries
4. genetic link which implies that it can be inherited.
5. other eye disorder such as myopia and presbyopia or astigmatism.
eye injuries and inflammation.

when do you require a medical attention from eye specialist?

this ailment can be easily be averted if treated very early. identifying the symptoms will help you vist a doctor on time. the following are the common symptoms of cataract disease:

1. very hard to see very well in the night.
2. seeing every object or image appearing blured to you.
3. too much sensitivity to light.
4. colors don’t appear original, seems to fade away or turn yellow
5. duplicate vision of image.

how will eyes specialists diagnose cataract?

specialist will first of all carry out some simple test to analyse your symptoms and level of vision. which is listed below:

1. you will be asked and directed to read an eye chart.

2. a device such as slit lamp will be used to view structures present in your eyes. this method is not painful, if you have cataract your doctor will be able to know.

3. another device such as Ophthalmoscope will be used to carry out retina examination to know the extent of cataract growth or other developing ailment.

Medication is it made available for cataract treatment?

No. cataract can only cured with surgery. therefore, if you are diagnosed and found to have cataract does not imply that you should get set for surgery immediately. always contact your physician for reports and to option for surgery if needed.

some basic explanation about cataract surgery:

the commonly used surgical procedures for carrying out cataract surgery is by the use of lasers.
the importance of this very method is to remove cloudy lens with intra-ocular lens. the procedure takes a range of time such as 10-15 minutes. within some hours like 1 0r 2 you are free to leave for your home post surgery.

pain reliever such as anesthetic eye drop are given to patients with cataract so that they will feel no pain during the whole procedure and remain completely awake. an object known as lasers are used to break infected natural lens that are removed by suction. Intraocular lenses is changed or replaced. the power of Intraocular lenses that is to be implated has to be determined before hand. all this procedures that are followed is the most reason why cataract infection takes like 20 - 25 days.

with respect to the surgery, some giving quantity of eye drops is prescribed and quick recovery depends on how accurate you make use of this eye drops.

if both eyes are affected the surgery will not be carried out that very day, you will need to schedule for two different surgeries.

Guidelines after the surgery:

cataract surgery will revive your vision to how it was before. returning back to daily engagement will take around a week’s time. a prospective shield is given to be worn for 2 - 3 days post surgery. this is essential and governs the recovery period.


do not drive or strain your eyes immediately after operation. you can resume your work within two weeks or less.

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