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Diseases Dictionary App is an android app offered by Atomic InfoApp, this app is ctreated for medical practitioners and medical students, this app contains medical disorders and diseases with detailed definitions, symptoms, causes and treatment information.

This app will act as a clinical advisor for self diagnosis and can be used to look up symptoms, disease, and treatment, it will act as home doctor for diseases and treatment.

Diseases Dictionary App

Features of Diseases Dictionary App - medical App:

- Medical reference book and thesaurus covering all medical terminologies and abbreviations.
- Prescription drug info along with pill description is provided in the treatment section.
- Physicians desk reference and pharmaceuticals dictionary.
- A handy free pocket guide for nurses for use as an emergency guide.
- Works Offline without internet.
- Detailed description of all major medical conditions and diseases.
- Information regarding treatment of diseases for all medical conditions and symptoms along with medication information, medication interaction and drug side effects.

Who can use this Diseases Dictionary App:

Individuals that are allowed to use this App are Healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals, physicians, hospital nurses, medical students, nursing professionals, pharmacy, physician assistants and for students who work in clinical practice & dispensary.

how to download this App {Diseases Dictionary App}:

log into play.google.com
enter the search keyword “Diseases Dictionary App” and click the search
click on download and install.

now that this amazing App Diseases Dictionary App have been installed you can now enjoy the great features of the Diseases Dictionary App.

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