account registration - health coverage Application account registration - health coverage Application - dear geomedicans, here we go again on this very season with health coverage registration, on this very webpage i will be guiding you to carry out your health insurance application to ensure that your health is covered.

how ever follow the procedures that we will be sharing with you on this very webpage to carryout your account registration just in a switch, however, i will like to share with your briefly about insurance, before we proceed with the health coverage Application.

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however, according to wikipedia, is a health insurance exchange website operated under the United States federal government under the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, often known as ‘Obamacare’), designed to serve the residents of the thirty-six U.S. states that opted not to create their own state exchanges.[1][better source needed] The exchange facilitates the sale of private health insurance plans to residents of the United States[2] and offers subsidies to those who earn less than four times the federal poverty line. The website also assists those persons who are eligible to sign up for Medicaid, and has a separate marketplace for small businesses. account registration - health coverage Application

kindly follow the procedures below to apply for your health coverage.

  • visit the official webpage of,
  • on the homepage of the official website, click on individual & family for individual application, then click on Get coverage,
  • enter your State then click on apply,
  • enter your state again on the next page that will be shown,
  • fill in your first and second name,{ kelly humphery}
  • enter your valid email address, {}
  • enter your choice of password and retype your password to confirm,
  • answer the neccessary security questions and tick on the box below the questions to agree on the terms and conditions guiding,
  • then click on create account to complete your Application.

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